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+17 (2012)

Copyright 2012 James Witherite Music. All rights reserved.

Produced by James Witherite. Assistant producers: Rick Hirsch and Eddie Severn. Production assistant: Lauren Kline. Recorded on 4 March and 21 April 2012 at Clarke Chapel, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA by Tim Breon. Mixed and mastered by Tim Breon. Cover photo by Bill Stein of Biandi Photography and Art.


The Zeropoint Big Band
Dan Yoder, Phil Loewen, Rick Hirsch, Marty Gillespie, Matt Donovan - woodwinds
Eddie Severn, Dale Orris, Rob Byham, Barry Long - trumpets
Paul Leskowicz, Jay T. Vonada, Bob LaBarca, Mike Loewen - trombones
Steve Adams - piano
Jeff Beck (not the one you're thinkin', but he's got chops just the same!) - bass
Kevin Lowe - drums
Michael Andrews (8), Carolyn Perteete (4, 5) - vocals

Additional Musicians
Michael Pryor, Kate Anderson - woodwinds
Dan Weiner, Mark Lusk, Kevin Henry - trombones
Tim Breon - guitar

Track Listing

1. 0.67 (Witherite) 6:08
2. West by Northwest (Witherite) 7:40
3. Elegy #1 (Witherite) 7:05
4. Love You Madly (Ellington) 4:04
5. You're Everything (Corea/Potter) 6:34
6. Triangle (Witherite) 11:00
7. Father John (Witherite) 7:00
8. My One and Only Love (Wood/Mellin) 5:13
9. Last, Right? (Witherite) 5:20

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