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Modern Organ Trio (2013)

Copyright 2013 James Witherite Music. All rights reserved.

Produced by James Witherite and Ken Karsh. Recorded on 13 January 2013 at Red Caiman Media, Pittsburgh, PA by Jesse Naus. Mixed by Jesse Naus with James Witherite and Ken Karsh. Mastered by James Witherite. Cover photo by Ken Karsh. Ken Karsh appears courtesy Alanna Records.


James Witherite - organ, voice (2)
Ken Karsh - guitar
Shaun Chesley - drums
Mike Tomaro - tenor sax (1, 6)

Track Listing

1. Indiana (MacDonald/Hanley) 6:25 (feat. Mike Tomaro)
2. The Ducks of Boston (Karsh) 8:02
3. Murray Avenue Blues (Witherite) 8:21
4. Manny's on Roosevelt (Witherite) 4:53
5. Santa Fe (Witherite) 7:36
6. "The Barrelmaker" (Witherite) 6:08 (feat. Mike Tomaro)

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