Music Services


Either at his Dover studio or online via Skype, James is available for private instruction in a number of focuses, mostly focusing on music theory, ear training, and jazz theory and improvisation. With a degree in Composition from Duquesne University, over twenty years of experience as a trumpet and piano player, and a decade as a composer and arranger, James is now accepting students.

Using the popular music of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s--music that's already familiar to you, James has developed an approach to theory and ear training that is both comfortable and engaging. You will gain fluency in the language of music through guided chordal analysis and transcription of songs that you already know and can internalize, making the process that much more comfortable. He's presently accepting students in the following areas:

- Jazz piano
- Jazz rhythm section
- Jazz improvisation and theory
- Jazz ensemble coaching/conducting/clinician
- Music Theory
- Ear Training
- Composition/Arranging/Orchestration
- Trumpet and Trombone

Availability is limited, email James for rates and to set up your first lesson!

Transcription, Engraving, Part Prep, and Editing

Need horn section parts taken down straight from the record for an upcoming gig? Want lead sheets of your original songs? James has you covered. If you've already notated the music by hand, James is available for engraving in Finale, or--if you've already got the bulk of the engraving done as well--for score and part editing to give your work the "finished appearance" of published manuscript. The sky's the limit; contact James for a quote today!

Custom Arrangements

If your ensemble needs custom arrangements, consider making James your go-to writer. A skilled orchestrator, James can provide arrangements for big band, marching band, women's choir, or any instrumentation imaginable. He'll be available for custom arrangements on a limited basis beginning in December; contact him now to make plans!


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